Joseph Lee's RETRO VIRUS Exhibition

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< Joseph Lee's RETRO VIRUS >
- Date : April 30 (Opening 6:00pm) ~ May 5 , 2008
- Place : 1st underground, Ssamziegil, Seoul
- visit www.clayative.net/retrovirus for further information

Retro Virus: Reassessing the AIDS Crisis

HIV is a Retrovirus, a virus with genetic information in RNA. In
Retro Virus, Joseph Lee invites the general public to re-create a
dialogue about HIV/AIDS in a post-AIDS Crisis era. Retro Virus is a
collection of works made with ceramics and epoxy resins, which
revolve around the imagery of sperm (and its relationship to sex) and
the idea of the collective whole – the means in which awareness is

During the early 80’s, AIDS and HIV surfaced and quickly became a
disease of pandemic proportion. During this time, we were very
active; artists were active; programs like UNAIDS were being
established; education and awareness initiatives were being
introduced. Nearly two decades later, we have still not found a cure
for this deadly disease despite billions of dollars spent on research
and clinical trial taking place around the world. By 2007, nearly 35
million people are estimated to be living with the disease and nearly
25 million have already died.

Joseph Hyun Lee
A Los Angeles native, Joseph Lee is a second-generation Korean-
American ceramic artist. His first introduction to clay and ceramics
was when he was 14 years old and since then he has continued to grow
and pursue his passion for the arts. His love for ceramics has
provided him with trans-pacific education in both his native Los
Angeles and at Hong-Ik University in Seoul, Korea. He took a
sabbatical leave as a high school teacher to further his study in the
field of ceramics. Lee plans to continue his path as an artist and
to demonstrate his dedication to the education of the ceramic arts.
- e-mail joe@clayative.net
- website www.clayative.net

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