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Early Diagnosis Program for Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

khap | 2008.04.18 05:21

Now, there is a way to ensure prompt and speedy diagnosis for sexually transmitted diseases online, which was not an easy feat to accomplish due to widespread social stigma.

Insol Co., Ltd is an operation of the STIM-program (Sexually (Programs in the Sexually Transmitted Diseases Early Diagnosis Center, The STIM-Center (Sexually Transmitted Infection Management Center) is a place where STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) is managed on the internet. Through networks of urologists, obstetricians and gynecologists in the Korea, the STIM-Center is able to provide support from organizing appointments to the sending the confirmation of screening results via the internet.

The users anonymous will be ensured and by contacting the STIM homepage, users can access the nearest hospital to obtain an authentication number which enables them to reserve and purchase a medical examination in the hospital. On the appointed date, without having their blood sample taken, their saliva and urine samples are obtained by the hospital. Upon returning home, they can check the result on the STIM site. The concerned patients can obtain accurate medical information on the internet to raise their understanding of sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, receiving their reservation and results online on the same day enables them to minimize the psychological burden of waiting and to quickly ease their anxiety.

Additionally, all of the online procedures, which are processed with an authentication number without enrolling users as members, guarantee the patients personal information will not be exposed to any third parties. The STIM-program also is available for and guarantees the anonymity of foreigners, and in the future the service will be provided in English as well as Korean.

* For further details, contact KHAP center (02)927-4323.

* KHAP carries out anonymous AIDS tests for foreigners. For those who do not wish to be tested, check-up and counseling services are also available.

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