KHAP provides counseling services to foreigners and migrant workers face to face and by phone.


We at KHAP provide counseling in a number of languages for foreigners and migrant workers. Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Sinhalese(Sri Lanka), Russian, Amharic(Ethiopia) languages are available at this moment, however there will be more languages in near future.


 Business Hours

   for testing : check our reservation schedule (reservation required)
   for counseling : phone or email (10:00~17:00)
   visit (reservation required)
 Contact number : Gireum(Seoul): 02-927-4322 / Ansan(Gyeonggi-do): 031-495-0550 / Busan: 010-2654-4322, 010-2954-0550 / Itaewon(Seoul): 02-749-1108, 070-4245-8555

 Email contact :



4F, 15-1, Wongok-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan city, Gyeonggi-do(5-minute walk from Ansan station)

Public Transport

By Subway : Ansan Station Line #4  Exit. 1

 → Once you exit no.1 at Ansan Station, walk past the station square. go through the underground passage and come up to Entrance no.3 (right side). Then, go straight (about 80m) and turn left at the corner(shinhan bank) , go straight (about 140m) up to the Chinese restaurant. KHAP is on 4th floor in that bldg.