International Liaison

A key function of KHAP is to gather, analyze and disseminate information about the HIV/AIDS pandemic as it affects Korea as well as the evolving global response to the pandemic. Thus, KHAP often sends representatives to regional and international conferences about HIV/AIDS and disseminates new information gathered while abroad to the Korean public and foreigners residing in Korea.


KHAP provides free condoms to foreigners. These are often included with the information that KHAP distributes at local community events though free condoms are also available in the Itaewon office.

 Raising Awareness and Financial Support

KHAP hopes to build commitment and support among the Korean government, donors and private companies for HIV/AIDS initiatives in Korea. In addition, KHAP hopes to attract a wide range of other partners to assist in its mission, including religious organizations, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), people living with HIV/AIDS and those whose lives are otherwise affected or threatened by the epidemic.

CONTACT : Director Sungchal Yu
TEL : 82-2-927-4322 FAX : 82-2-927-4017
ADDRESS : 30-6, Donam 1-dong   Seongbuk-gu Seoul, 136-890, KOREA