Public Relations Campaign

KHAP frequently advertises information about HIV/AIDS and the resources and services provided by KHAP in newspapers and magazines. In addition, KHAP develops other PR materials such as posters, cups and tissues in order to make information about HIV/AIDS and KHAP more widely known among the foreign population in Korea.


KHAP develops and distributes multilingual educational materials such as pamphlets, short films and newsletters to foreigners residing in Korea. By attending community events and maintaining an information desk at its office in Itaewon, KHAP makes these materials easily accessible to foreigners.

 Event Organizing

KHAP organizes and sponsors many different events in and around Seoul in order to advance the spread of information about HIV/AIDS and about KHAP as a resource for foreigners. Examples of such activities include planning a World AIDS Day festival for foreigners and sponsoring an evening art exhibition opening.

 Workshops and Seminars

KHAP conducts informative workshops and seminars about HIV/AIDS, with a particular emphasis on prevention. These presentations include experts from various sectors of the HIV/AIDS field in Korea who are available to train health care providers in Seoul or educate at-risk foreign populations about prevention and treatment. These presentations are offered in Korean and English.


KHAP is currently developing educational materials and workshops in a greater number of languages and creating more specific informational materials and services for foreign subgroups currently residing in Korea.